Sparkle Effect

Sparkle Effect
Difficulty: Moderate
Description: Get a 'Sparkle' effect on your images!
Author: Pokey; Date Added: 2007-08-24; Views: 20476
In this tutorial, I will teach you how to get a Sparkle effect for forum signatures and various other images you may want to make.

Start by making the document, i'm using 400x110 pixels. You will also need a Render of some sort.

First of all, use the Eyedropper Tool (I) and select a bright and a dark colour from your render. Now get the Gradient Tool (G), and click and drag horizontally across your image. Which colour goes where is a matter of preference. This will be your background.

Now duplicate your Render layer 3 times so that you have 4 Render layers. Smudge the bottom 3 so that you have 3 smudged layers, and 1 Render layer. Change the Blending Mode on these Smudged layers. For mine, the top two were set to Colour Dodge, and the bottom one was set to Overlay, but this is a matter of preference.

Duplicate the Render layer again, now click on the Eye next to your Render layer to disable it for a little bit (What you need to click is circled in red in the below image). Now click on Filter>>Liquefy. Mess about with it for a bit (Don't overdo it though) and click on Ok. Set that layers blending mode to Lighten.

Now duplicate the liquefied Render layer twice, giving you a total of 3 liquefied Render layers.

On the bottom liquefied Render, go to Filter>>Distort>>Ripple, set the value to 100 and click on Ok.

On the middle liquefied Render, go to Filter>>Distort>>Ocean Ripple and mess about with the settings until you get something you like.

And on the top liquefied Render go to Filter>>Distort>>Ripple and set the value to 330.

Click on the Eye for the Render again to make it visible again. Now erase any parts of any of your liquefied renders that are annoying, or that are in the way.

Create a new layer, now click on Image>>Apply Image, and click on Ok. Now click on Filter>>Render>>Blur>>Motion Blur, set the angle to 0 and set the distance to 40 pixels. Set the blending mode of the layer to Lighten. Erase any parts that are annoying. Mainly bits that are in front of the focal point. You might also benefit from lowering the layers opacity.

Click on Image>>Apply Image again. This time though click on Filter>>Render>>Blur>>Guassion Blur. Set the radius to 5. Set the blending mode to Lighten again and erase any bits that are in the way.

Click on Image>>Apply Image yet again. Now click on Filter>>Sharpen>>Sharpen. Set the blending mode to Lighten again, and erase parts that irritate you.

Fiddle around with the colouring, if you want help on colouring, I have a tutorial here which provides tips on colouring.

This sig is also available in the signatures section.