Painted Picture

Painted Picture
Difficulty: Easy
Description: Make a photograph look like a watercolour painting using filters!
Author: Pokey; Date Added: 2007-06-25; Views: 11619
First of all, open a picture, it can be a picture of anything, a picture of a landscape, or a mugshot, whatever you want to make look like a painting. I'm going to use a photograph that I my dad took of London, although this is scaled down.

Feel free to lol at the Police car getting towed by an AA Van.

Anyway, Duplicate the layer if you want. This won't really do anything, but it acts as a failsafe in case things go wrong, you can just delete the edited layer and have your unedited layer underneath!

Anyway, go to Filter>>Noise>>Reduce Noise. Use the settings I have below (Click image to enlarge):

WITHOUT duplicating your layer, go to Filter>>Blur>>Smart Blur and use the following settings (Or experiment):

You should be done! Of course you can add any finishing touches if you wish! Here is my final result, with some colour edits:

I hope that this tutorial helps you in future work in Photoshop. An example of work using this is here.