Metal Text

Metal Text
Difficulty: Easy
Description: A tutorial on creating metal text which is often used in grunge type signatures.
Author: Mike; Date Added: 2006-07-21; Views: 33377
In this tutorial you will learn how to create a type of text that is commonly used for Grunge signatures. After finishing this tutorial, you should obtain something like this:

For starters, select the text tool and a font, I chose Impact; a popular font for Grunge signatures. Right click on the layer in the layer menu and go to Blending Options. Copy these settings:

Click ok, and you're done!
You can edit the colours used for the settings to obtain different effects for your font. I suggest to not change the lightness/luminosity of the colours, just the saturation and hue so that the text won't seem too dark or bright. You can also edit the colour by going to: Layer- New Adjustment Layer- Colour Balance or Layer- New Adjustment Layer- Hue/Saturation. Here's some other examples of text that I made with a similar effect: