Creating and using a scan line pattern

Creating and using a scan line pattern
Difficulty: Easy
Description: Create a scan line pattern for people to quickly apply to all creations.
Author: Daniel St. Jules; Date Added: 2005-09-05; Views: 34741
Have you ever wanted to incorporate those neat looking scan lines in your designs? Well, with Photoshop it can be as easy as 1,2,3. For this tutorial I will be using Photoshop 7 although you should be able to use this tutorial with Photoshop 6+.


First we'll start off by making a new image with the dimensions of 2 pixels in height and 1 in width with a transparent background. (Depending on how much space you desire between each line, you may want to add to the height.)

Step 2:

Next press d and select the pencil tool. Click on the arrow that's pointing down beside 'Brush' in the options bar. Now adjust the size of the pencil by setting the master diameter to 1px and make sure the Mode is set to normal.

Step 3:

Now zoom in as much as possible by continuously pressing ctrl and + together on your keyboard until you can't zoom in any more. With your pencil tool, draw 1 pixel at the very top of the image.

Step 4:

Next, go to Edit->define pattern from your top menu and in the text box that will come up, type in 'scan lines' for the name and click ok.

Step 5:

Open up the image you would like to incorporate the scan lines in and create a new layer and select the paint bucket tool.

Step 6:

From the drop down menu in the options menu, select pattern and make sure the mode is normal. Now click on the arrow beside 'Pattern' and select the scan lines pattern. Just click anywhere on your image and voila! Instant scan lines. Now add some of your own creativity by blending it in and experimenting.
Here's an example of an image with the scan lines: