Arkane's Signature Tips: Part 1

Arkane's Signature Tips: Part 1
Difficulty: Moderate
Description: Using C4D's to improve your signature.
Author: Arkane; Date Added: 2007-08-08; Views: 12198

Hello World

Welcome to Arkane?s Signature Tips: Part 1
Here you will learn a lot about using Photoshop, mainly in ways that help with making signatures, but also techniques that will help you in other pieces. I plan to post at least one article a week, possibly more If I have time. Each post will have a new tutorial or some helpful tips that will hopefully improve the quality of your work. Hope to see you around =D


Using C4Ds in your signatures.

A C4D can be used to add depth, flow, color and much More to a signature. When you first use them they may Seem to chaotic but as you begin to understand their usage And incorporate them into your sigs better you will find That they are very valuable assets. One important Thing that you will want to remember is to use them in moderation. By this I mean don?t fill the entire background of a sig with them like you would have used brushes when you were just starting. Use them to add flow to the image. Overusing them will make the whole sig way to chaotic and can easily ruin an entire sig. A tutorial for using C4Ds to make sigs will be coming soon.


A C4D signature tutorial

Well I am about to start into a new sig and so I will now start Describing step by step what I do as I do it.
Open a new canvas size 350x150px
Find a nice render that you like
Paste it into your canvas and resize it so that it fits

Keep your render above every c4d we put in.
Paste in your c4d, this will be the main background For your signature so make sure it takes up a good Portion of the background but still flows with the sig

Now, for every c4d after this I?m going to delete everything on the left and right of the original c4d
So take another c4d, paste it in, set it to lighten ? 100%
Delete the sides like I explained above
Past a third c4d in, delete the sides and set it to color dodge

Now look for a nice c4d that has skinny wire-like strands coming off of it, Paste it in, put it on overlay and Make sure these strands are visible

Again past in another c4d, I used one that covered most of my base c4d. Put this to overlay.

Now we?re going to add a pixel stretch for coloring
For those who don?t know what this is or how to do it simply Select the ?Single Column Marquee Tool?
This is found at the top left of your toolbar
Select your render layer and click, move your cursor around until the line goes through the render almost all The way up and down the screen.
Press control J.
Now press control T and make it fill up the full sig Left to right, leave the vertical height the same.

Now we are going to add a few gradient maps
Go to layer-New Adjustment Layer-Gradient Map
Choose a standard black and white map
Set the layer to darken 100%
Now make a second one with the default purple-green-orange setting. Set this to soft light (Feel free to change this one depending on your sig)
Now I changed the background to black added some text and a border to make it look a bit nicer and we are done
Time finished ? 11:00 pm
Time taken in total 20 minutes.


Touching up your Signature

No matter how much time you spend working on a sig there is always something you can add. Be it depth Flow, another c4d, there is always something. Now, I?m going to show you one thing that should help out and make your sigs look much better.
Let?s start by opening up the sig we made yesterday, it looks Pretty good already, right?
Well let?s make it look a little better
Make a new layer above everything else
Hide your border and text layers
Go to Image-Apply image
Now, go to filter-other-high pass
Set the radius to 10px, click ok
Set this layer to overlay. You can mess with the opacity if it looks overdone
As you can see a simple filter can add a lot into a sig in a very small amount of time I almost always finish my sigs like this
Because I find it almost always makes it look A lot better. Remember, feel free to experiment with the settings I gave you and make it your own

Time finished ? 10:30am
Time Taken in Total ? 6 minutes
(All times include the actual writing of this article