Animated Selection Border

Animated Selection Border
Difficulty: Easy
Description: How to make an animated border like when you select something in Photoshop.
Author: Mike; Date Added: 2006-07-28; Views: 38464
In this tutorial you will learn how to create the selection effect from Photoshop/Imageready and animate it with Imageready. It can easily be used as a border for your signatures and avatars. Here's an example of how I used the selection (note: I lowered the Opacity of the border for this example):

Step 1:

With Photoshop open or create a document of any size. Press D.

Step 2:

Press Ctrl+A to select the whole image, go to: Edit-> Stroke and use these settings:

Click OK.

Step 3:

Make a new document (Ctrl+N) with a width of 8px and height of 1px. Press Ctrl+0 to zoom in to the maximum. Select the Pencil tool and make sure that you're using the Hard Mechanical 1 pixel as the Brush. Click and drag from the left middle to the left side ( or vice-versa) of the canvas to make half of the canvas black. Press X to switch Foreground and Background Colors, click and drag from the right middle to the right side to make the other half white. You should obtain:
note: the image to the left is still zoomed in.
Go to: Edit-> Define Pattern... and click ok. Exit out of that document.

Step 4:

Create another new document, with a height of 1 and width 20 pixels larger than the document you had opened originally that you put a black stroke around. Select the Paint bucket tool and change the 'Fill:' to Pattern. Click on the box to the right of 'Pattern:' and change it to the pattern you just made. These are the settings:

Fill it in by clicking in the canvas. Press Ctrl+A to Select All and press Shift+Ctrl+C to Copy Merged. Exit out of this document.

Step 5:

Maximize the document you had opened originally that you put the black stroke around. Press Ctrl+V to Paste and drag the created layer under the black stroke layer. Name the new layer: 'Horizontal Bottom'. Select the Move Tool (V) and press Ctrl+A to select all. Click on these two buttons:

Press Ctrl+D. Press the upward arrow button on your key board once to 'nudge' the layer up by one pixel.

Step 6:

Duplicate the layer, name it Vertical Right and go to: Edit-> Transform-> Rotate 90? CW. Press Ctrl+A. Click on the same two buttons:
Press Ctrl+D. Nudge the layer one pixel to the right.
Make your two pattern lines symmetrical where they join by further nudging the Vertical Right layer to obtain this (note: the image is zoomed in):

Duplicate the Vertical Right layer but name it Vertical Left. Press Ctrl+A. Click on this button:
Press Ctrl+D. Then nudge it once to the right.
Duplicate the Horizontal Bottom layer but name it Horizontal Top. Press Ctrl+A. Click on this button:
Press Ctrl+D. Then nudge the layer once downward.

Step 7:

That's how to make the selection, now for the animation. Press Shift+Ctrl+M to send the image to Imageready.

Step 8:

Duplicate current frame. Click on either of the Horizontal pattern lines, nudge it once to the right. Nudge the other Horizontal pattern line once to the right. Select either the Vertical pattern lines, nudge it downward. Nudge the other Vertical pattern line once downward as well.
Repeat Step 8 six times and you're finished!
This is my result after following and testing this tutorial:

And for an avatar (but without the black stroke around the animation):

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.