Advanced Spiderman Smudge Tag

Advanced Spiderman Smudge Tag
Difficulty: Moderate
Description: Make an amazing looking signature following these simple steps.
Author: Dolan; Date Added: 2009-09-06; Views: 19755
We will be making a signature like this one

New document 400x150
Study the lighting of the render
Make a gradient based on lighting (black to white)

Paste in the render and copy it 3-4 times, hide all but the bottom one
With a large brush, smudge the render around.
Take a small chalk brush (17 or 23 px) and smudge in some detail on the same layer

Unhide 2 renders

Smudge the top one around with a 36 px smudge brush with some scatter / shape dynamics of your choice
Delete parts of this layer to allow some of the render below it to show through, this blends the render with the background

Now get a c4d that is uses the same color scheme as your signature.
Paste it in and smudge up and down with the flow of your sig, I used a 36px chalk brush

Put it on color dodge 100%
Now make a new layer and apply the image (ctrl-alt-shift-e)
Go to filter -> Distort -> displace and find one of your old psds, erase anything that looks bad (most of it)

Now I am going to brush in a few lines of white with a 13 px brush and smudge it around slightly with a 36px chalk brush, layer opacity 50%.

Do it again but instead of smudging for lighting, smudge for flow so make the lines more discerned and don't let them broaden. Layer opacity 45%

Now make a new layer and apply the image again
Go to filter -> liquify
Now on the left side of the window will be a tool bar, choose the swirl (the second from the top) use a 50px brush with a density of 50 and pressure / rate of 100, all these options are found on the right side
Starting at a corner, click and hold down for about 1 second then release, then move the mouse diagonally in a way that works with the flow and repeat, keep repeating until the entire image is covered in these swirls.

Use an eraser with about 50% opacity and erase whatever looks bad, make sure that some still overlaps the render for blending.

Now make a new layer and apply the image again.
Go back into filter -> liquify and do the same thing as last time, but this time around do not release the mouse. Just click and slowly drag it diagonally back and forth until the whole image is covered.

Set this layer to linear dodge and in the same way we did last time, erase whatever doesn't look good.
I added a little more white to make the effect I wanted.
New layer, apply image.
Go to filter -> lighting effects and change the style to lighting. Work with the settings (mainly the size and position of the light) until it looks good.

-Everything I explain after this is just what I did for mine, you should expirement!-
Touch up anything else that doesn't look good to you, I smudged out some swirls that were to obvious.

Make a curves layer and look through all the presets for a look you like, I chose cross process to bring out my effects.
Make a new layer, apply image then press ctrl-shift-b and ctrl-shift-l

Now make a black and white gradient map, and put it on darken 45%
Make a new layer, apply image then press ctrl-shift-b and ctrl-shift-l

Another black and white gradient map, this one on luminosity 100%
I added a wireframe in here (put it on multiply) to add depth

Finally make a border of your choice
For the one I made I made a rectangle that was 400x140 and centered it.
The I selected the inverse of it (ctrl-shift-i) and filled that with black, then select the inverse again and press backspace.