How to install vBulletin

How to install vBulletin
Difficulty: Easy
Description: A straightforward guide teaching you how to install vBulletin.
Author: Chelf; Date Added: 2008-09-01; Views: 86005
So. You dropped money on vBulletin and want to install it for yourself? don't know how? Well, follow these directions.

Step 1

Download a copy of vBulletin *Insert Latest Version Here*, from the Members' Area. No screenshot, otherwise you would see my customer number.

Step 2

Go to where you downloaded it, and UNZIP the file. Inside, you will find a file called (Located in Upload/Includes).

Step 3

Edit in the information. You ONLY need to edit the following information:
(Of the settings in this file, only a few need to be edited in order to create a working vBulletin configuration file.)

$config['Database']['dbname']='Insert Database Name Here'
$config['Database']['technicalemail']='Insert Email address to send errors to'
$config['MasterServer']['servername'] ='Insert Host MySQL Server Here. Your webhost should have it.'
$config['MasterServer']['username'] ='Insert Username here for MySQL Database'
$config['MasterServer']['password'] ='Insert Password for MySQL Database.'

Step 4

After you are done editing THOSE values, save the file and rename it to Config.php

Step 5

Upload the upload folder (Or whatever you renamed it to) to the server.

Step 6

Now comes the important part. The Install Script. Yay. Enter your URL like this: (Substitute Forum for your Folder name, possibly upload.)

Step 7

Okay. When you start, it'll ask you for your Customer Number.

Step 8

You will then reach this screen.

Step 9

Then, follow the directions. When you are done installing, you'll be forced to remove the Install Directory. Remove it.

Step 10

Upgrading vBulletin is VERY easy. Just download the latest package, and delete the Config.php file in the NEW package you just downloaded.

Step 11

Then, upload and overwrite everything.

Step 12

Enter:, and you'll be prompted to enter your Customer Number.

Step 13

Run the script and delete the Install directory when done. Enjoy your product.

Chelf, for writing a guide
Jelsoft fot creating a great product and the screenshots!