File sharing from PC to Xbox 360

File sharing from PC to Xbox 360
Difficulty: Easy
Description: How to use Windows Media Center to file share between your PC and Xbox 360.
Author: Ronin; Date Added: 2011-05-04; Views: 55056
It seems that I've been getting asked how to share files from your PC to your Xbox lately. I'll show you all today how I got it to work. ;)

Requirements: A PC with Windows Media Center, if you don't have Windows Media Center, click here or go to

Step One: Turn on your Xbox 360 and press the Dashboard button on your controller

Step Two: Navigate all the way to the right and hit "System Settings" > "Computers"

Step Three: Click "Windows Media Center" > Setup

You should see an 8 digit number appear on your screen, write it down, you'll need it later. ;)

Step Four: Go to the computer in which you want to share files, and open up Windows Media Center, find Tasks and click Add Extender, click Next

Step Five: Now you'll need to paste in that 8 digit code you saw on your Xbox earlier

Step Six: Make sure your Xbox 360 is still on, and all of your computer's music/video/picture files should start syncing to your Xbox.

If you were previously using your Xbox 360 with a Windows Media Center Based PC, you will need to remove the existing connection.

Removing existing connection

Step One: On the Windows XP Media Center PC

Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, point to Media Center, and then click Media Center Extender Manager.

Select your Xbox 360 and click Properties.

Click Remove and Confirm removal.

Step One: On the Windows Vista or Windows 7 Media Center PC

Click Start, type in Windows Media Center into the search bar and open it up.

Select Tasks, Settings.
Select Add Extender.
Select your Xbox 360 Media Center Extender.
Select Uninstall.

*If for some reason you are still having problems and you use Windows Media Player to listen to music, pay attention to these next steps*

Turn on Media Sharing

Step One:

Click the arrow below the Library tab, and then click Media Sharing.

Step Two:

In the Media Sharing dialog box, select the Share my media check box.

Step Three:

Choose which devices to share your media with:

In the list of devices below the Share my media to check box, select a device.

Click Allow

*If you use Zune to play your music, please pay attention to these next steps.*

Turn on Media Sharing

Step One:

Open up your Zune Software and click Settings in the top right corner of the Zune Software.

Step Two: Click Xbox 360

Step Three: Check how many things you'd like to share, i.e. Music/Pictures/Videos then name your collection and check "Share with all available Xbox 360 consoles".


I hope this tut helped you!