"Hyperdrive" Movement Animation

"Hyperdrive" Movement Animation
Difficulty: Easy
Description: A tutorial on creating a "hyperdrive"-like animation to give the impression of rapid movement.
Author: seito; Date Added: 2008-09-03; Views: 11140
I was playing around with filters and discovered a new animation affect. This is my tutorial on how to make the speed blur animation so we can make our renders seem like they're running really fast, or a battleship actually flying in lightspeed or hyperdrive. Our outcome should end up a little something like this.

Okay let's get started.
1st of all we should open gimp. Now I started off with a space like background that I made by adding hsv noise to a black background, it's best to use a background without a non-repeating side or centerpiece irregularities. If your going to use a render to make it seem like it's moving really fast put it up close at the bottom of the screen, if it's angled make it face the center point of the image, and if you want to give the impression of running make sure to move it up and down on each new frame. Here's the background I'll be using:

Now let's start off after you get your background duplicate it about 2 to 4 times. If you have a render add a new layer and duplicate it the same number of times that you duplicate your background. Okay now go to the top layer and go to filters->noise->spread.

I set my horizontal and vertical both at 50 you can use any other settingthe higher you set them the more the pixels end up spreading. Here's how mine turned out it wasn't much of a difference considering I was using a pretty plain background hit ctrl+f on each layer to copy the spread effect to each layer.

now go to filters->blur->motion.

Set the motion setting to zoom and set the x and y coordinates so that it's focusing in on the centerpoint or any other point of the picture. You can toy around with the other settings pay attention to the preview so you aren't spreading it too far when you get the look you want hit ok. Click on another layer and hit ctrl+f on each layer until each layer has motion blur added to it.

Now go to filters->animation-> playback and hit the play button at the top of the screen to check if it turned out right. It should turn out something like this.

Don't forget to save your finishing result. Alright good luck to everyone who uses this tutorial for, whatever. oh, and if you have renders after you add the filters to the background layers don't do it in the render layers put one render layer above each background layer and merge it down, then check your playback to see if you get the result you wanted.

Here's another example of this animation with a stock and the shake to give the impression of running: