Making a Quest in RPG MAKER VX

Making a Quest in RPG MAKER VX
Difficulty: Easy
Description: A tutorial introducing the concept of creating a quest for your game in RPG MAKER.
Author: Ethan Roy; Date Added: 2008-08-28; Views: 41971
There are many different ways to do this, what I am providing here is a simple quest that you can build off of; to start you off on the right foot. It involves talking to an NPC, he will ask you to do a quest for him, your character will accept and will have to retrieve an item for him from a locked chest.You're expected have to have created a basic game already [main character, maps, etc.] and to possess some basic knowledge of switches.

Step 1:

First you will have to create an NPC. To do so, select the event layer from the tool bar. Then double click on the square where you'd like your NPC to be placed. This will open up a window; in the bottom left corner of this window you will find a small box labelled "graphic." Double click in this box, and select the sprite you'd like to use as your NPC (or create your own and import it to RPG Maker VX). After you have your NPC selected, you will have to have him tell your character about the quest. To the right of the window you will see "list of event commands" double click in the box. And select "show text" from the section "message." Here you will type in what you'd like your NPC to tell your character before he embarks on his heroic quest. Once this is completed, under the same section ("message") you will need to select "show choices." It should already say "yes" in choice one, and "no" in choice two. Hit ok, and in the "event command list" you will see "@>" under "yes" and another under "no". Click on the one under yes and create a new message telling your character what the quest entails. Repeat this step, for what you'd like your NPC to say to your character after he refuses to accept the quest.

Step two:

Now, under "yes," and under your text, you will find another "@>" double click on this. Under the section "game progression," select "control variables." Now, variable are somewhat complex but are easy once you get the hang of them. Clicking on "control variables" will open a dialogue box; you will need to label your variable, I suggest something simple like "key." Then lower in this box you will have to select "constant" by clicking the circle beside it, and set the constant at "1." This basically means one key.

Step Three:

Now, select where you'd like your chest to be placed (whether on the same map or another one) and create a new event. Select the chest graphic, under "graphic" in the bottom left corner. The chest graphic is under "tile set-C" at the very bottom of the list. Now, in the "event command list" you will need to select "conditional branch" which is located under "flow control." This will open a dialogue box, in this box you will need to select "variable," (your variable should already be selected) and change the "constant" to "1." In the "event command list" you will see that it says "else" and under that "@>" double click on this symbol. And write a new message, stating that you need the key to access this chest. Now above "else" you will see that it says "conditional branch" and under that another "." Double click this and write a new message saying that you have successfully retrieved the item that the NPC wanted you to get him. After this is done, you will see another "@>" right under your message that says that you've retrieved the item. Double click this and select "change items" from the section "party," and give the item to your character.

Note: you can change the items available by accessing the database from your toolbar.

Step Four:

Now, under the current circumstances, every time you'd go to the chest you'd get another one of those items. So, you will need to create a "new page," (located at the top of the window) and on this new page select the open chest graphic (once again from "tile set-C") this time. Now you will need to set a "switch," switches are located at the top of the page to the left of the "new page" button. Label your switch something simple like "used item" or "open chest." Now, in the "event command list" create a new message stating that you have already retrieved the item from the chest. Now, return to the first page, in the "event command list" directly under "change items:" double click on the "." From here you will need to activate your switch, to do so, select "control switches" from the section "game progression." Your switch should already be selected. So that now, every time you return to the chest it'll say that you have already retrieved the item.

Step Five:

Now you'll have to return to the NPC who gave you the quest, and double click on him. From here, create a new page and select the same graphic you used for him again. Then you will need to create a new message, asking whether or not you successfully retrieved the key. After that you will need to create another page, once again selecting the same graphic. On this page create a new message thanking your character for his heroism and for retrieving the item, for his bravery and also telling your character he can keep the item. Now, you will need to activate the same switch you used early to open the chest. Simply the check the box next to "switch" and your switch should already be there. From here return to the second page and activate a "self switch," these switches only apply to the event in question, and are located right above the "graphic" box. Select "self switch" by checking the box and selecting one of the self switches. Now, return to the first page, right under "control variables" (where your character receives the key) and double click the "@>". From here select "control self switch" from the section "game progression".

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Save your game and test it out. Remember this is just a simple quest, from here you can add monsters to fight, and even make smaller sub-quests within the original quest. The possibilities are endless.