Creating a Boss in RPG MAKER VX

Creating a Boss in RPG MAKER VX
Difficulty: Moderate
Description: A guide to creating a boss in your RPG MAKER VX creation.
Author: Ethan Roy; Date Added: 2008-08-24; Views: 28633

Step one:

First of all, you will need to have created a game, maps (or levels) and a main character. Once this is finished, select the map you desire to have your boss placed on.

Step Two:

Select, the “event layer” from the toolbar, and double click on the square where you would like your boss to be placed. This will open a window. In this window to the bottom left, you will find a small box titled “Graphic.” Double click in this box, to select the sprite you will use as your level boss. Double clicking on this box will open a huge list of sprites, but if they do not suit your desires try creating your own and importing them into the game

(Note: Up 'til now, this process is no different that making any other NPC)

Step Three:

Assuming you’ll want your level boss to say something, or taunt your main character before he tries to rip him to shreds, you will have to create a “message.” To do this, click to the right of the window in the “list of event command” box. This will open a list of possible predetermined events; the first section will be “message,” select “show text.” When you click on this it’ll open a dialogue box, and from there just type in what you’d like your boss to say before annihilating your character. This message will appear in your game once you hit the action button.

(Note: I suggest that you change the triggers for portals from map to map to player touch instead of action key, and keep all NPC/character interactions as an action key trigger. This will prevent you from talking to (or fighting) someone unless you have to.

Step Four:

Ok, now here is where you can have some fun with your boss. Say, if you wanted to have your boss in a humanoid from (you know the whole incognito bit) then have him "magically" transform into a blood thirsty demon, this step will show you how. If you'd like your boss to stay the way he is, continue on to the next step.

So, to change your boss from his human self into a demon, you need to make a new page, in the event window, this button is located at the top of the event window. From here return down to the graphic box, and select a new graphic (the one you’d like your boss to transform into).Now, return too your first page, and make a new event. You will need to make the screen fade out and fade back in. This is simply done by going to the second page of your predetermined event list and under the section “screen effects” and select “fade out,” then return there and select “fade in.” Assuming you’ve done this correctly, it’ll allow for a better flow for the transformation. Now, you’ll need to set a switch; switches can be found just under the new page button. Check the box beside the switch, double click in the bar to the right of the box and label it, make sure it’s something that can easily be distinguished, assuming you’ll be using more than one switch. Once you’re done simply press “ok.” Once this is finished, return to the first page (easily done by selecting the tab to the left of the new page button), from here you will need to set the switch operation. To do this, double click in your “event command” once again, but this time in the “game progression” section you will need to select “control switches.” As you can see your switch will already be selected. From there just save, and move to the next step.

Step Five:

So, to date you have your NPC (or boss) and your main character set up on a map, and now all you need is to engage a fight. To do so create a new event: “battle processing” which is located under “scene control.” This will open up a dialogue box, and in this dialogue box, under “direct designation” select the same monster as you used as your graphic. You can control this monster’s stats by altering them in the database. This will almost always be necessary, because the monsters (or enemies as they’re labelled under the database) have much higher stats then your main character does.

Test out your game and see where it can be improved. There are many ways to create a boss, this is just my way. So, explore the many possibilities of RPG Maker VX and have fun!