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PostPosted: Fri Jan 30, 2009 2:28 pm 
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*note: Support is given to those using my phpBB3 styles and who keep the credit notice mentioning myself and linking back to Gamexe.net

When asking for support, please provide a link to your forum so I can see the problem! :)

Some of the buttons in the style don't show

This is most likely because you're using a language other than the default British English. (ie: en_us for US English) If you're using any other language, you'll need to download or create a corresponding language pack. See the individual imageset/language packs for a style in its topic. If yours isn't available, simply duplicate the "en" folder, found in phpBB3/styles/imagesets/, and rename it for the language you use. (ie: fr for french) You can refer to proSilver's imagesets as reference for this change.

For US English, you can just rename en to en_us.

Where can I find the code changes for a style update?

The basic code changes can be found at http://www.phpbb.com/downloads/olympus.php?update=1 This will provide you, for example, with a list of changes necessary to get a style made for 3.0.7 working with 3.0.8. Afterward, you can check for any additional differences by comparing the 3.0.8 version of the style against your own version using http://winmerge.org/

How to install styles in phpBB3

If you have FTP access (can upload files to your server), the following instructions are for you. If not, and you're running on a free forum provider, you'll need to ask them to install the style for you.

1. Download the zip for the style of choice.
2. Unzip/Extract the zip archive file by using a program such as winzip or winrar.
3. Open up your favourite FTP client (ie: FileZilla) and connect to your website.
4. Upload the style folder that you extracted from the zip (ie: twilightBB, DarkFantasy, etc) to the styles/ folder in your phpBB3 directory. (ie: phpBB3/styles/)
5. Login to your forum and login to the Admin Control Panel. Go to Styles Management->Styles->Uninstalled styles->STYLENAME->Install. On the next screen, select any options that you wish, and click submit. The style should now be installed, and your users can select to use it from their User Control Panel.

How to change the logo of a style

1. Open up your favourite FTP client (ie: FileZilla) and connect to your website. Navigate to phpBB3/styles/STYLENAME/imageset/ and upload your logo, replacing site_logo.gif.
2. Navigate to phpBB3/styles/STYLENAME/imageset/imageset.cfg, open it, and change this line if your logo uses different dimensions:
img_site_logo = site_logo.gif*94*170
The first numbre is the height, second is the width. Please note that by changing site_logo.gif, you can change the name and file extension of the logo to something like png or jpg.
3. Login to the ACP, and go to Styles->Themes->Refresh and Styles->Imageset->Refresh. The changes should now take effect.

How to implement advertisements in phpBB3

Please read: http://www.phpbb.com/kb/article/adverti ... in-phpbb3/
You can also consider downloading and installing the following MODification:
http://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopi ... &t=1146135

I've modified the style, but the changes aren't taking effect?

When modifying a style, you'll need to refresh its corresponding components.
-Template Changes: Admin Control Panel->Clear Cache or Admin Control Panel->Styles->Templates->STYLENAME->Refresh.
-Imagesets Changes: Admin Control Panel->Styles->Imagesets->STYLENAME->Refresh
-Themes/Stylesheet Changes: Admin Control Panel->Styles->Themes->STYLENAME->Refresh

I'd like you to make a custom button or graphic for me

I'm sorry, but I don't personally take requests for these custom graphics or buttons. If you'd like one made, I'd recommend downloading the PSD, and using software such as GIMP or Photoshop to modify it. Still, if you'd like to take the chance of asking in a topic, someone else may respond. Please do not see this as a chance to spam the support topics with such requests, however.

There is an extra column being display in the topic list

This is because topic icons is enabled - those cells will display those icons for a topic if present. If you don't want them visible, you can simply disable the topic icons altogether.

I want to change the colour/text of an element

Take a screenshot of you work, open it with a program such as GIMP, Photoshop, and even Paint could probably work. Next use the eye dropper tool to select the hex colour of that particular text or element (ie: 000000 = black), and then look for that colour through stylesheet.css. That or find the text and see what class/id is associated with it, and once again find it in the CSS file. It's the same procedure that I use. And don't forget, afterwards, to refresh the theme of the style for the changes to take effect.

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