CoD: Black Ops Zombies

An Introduction

In this game mode, your goal is to survive as many rounds as possible of attacking zombies. You gain points by shooting and killing the zombies and can spend those points on better weapons and other upgrades. As you progress, weapons lose their effectiveness, and the number of zombies per wave increases.

All About Points

Point Distribution
Zombie - Non-Lethal Hit: 10 Points
Zombie - Lethal Hit: 50-60 Points
Zombie - Lethal Headshot: 100 Points
Zombie - Non-Lethal Melee: 10 Points
Zombie - Lethal Melee: 130 Points
Hellhound - Non-lethal hit: 10 Points
Hellhound - Lethal hit: 60-100 Points

Round Caps For Repairs
1: 40 points
2: 90 points
3: 140 points
4: 140 points

Also, you lose 10% of your points when downed by an enemy.


Quick Revive
Cost: 500 solo, 1500 Co-Op
Allows you to revive a fallen ally at 3x speed in Co-op. When playing solo, it brings you back to life 10 seconds after your death. Unfortunately, it can only be purchased 3 times, as the machine will then disappear.

Cost : 2500
Adds to your maximum health, allowing you to survive more hits from enemies. Generally 5 vs the usual 2 hits without.

Double Tap Root Beer
Cost: 2000
Increases the firing rate of your weapon. Ideal for slow firing guns, but fast the additional rounds fired by already-fast weapons will just be wasted.

Speed Cola
Cost: 3000
Halves reload time for weapons.

Mystery Box
Cost: 950
Gives you a random weapon from a selection (that may be unique to that map).

Cost: 5000
Upgrades your weapon, increasing its clip size, ammo capacity, damage, etc. Some guns even gain explosive damage.

Random Drops

When you kill a zombie once its entered the map (through a window, fence, etc) it may drop a special power-up when killed. After being there for a while, they'll flash several times before disappearing.

Kills all zombies that have currently spawned, even if they haven't entered the map yet. You don't accumulate points for their deaths, but each player receives 400 points.

Repairs all barricades in the map and awards you with 200 points. The barricades also aren't repaired instantly, but takes a few seconds.

All zombies become a one-shot kill. Even a pistol round to the foot will kill them. Conserve your ammo when it's up, and opt for the knife if there's few enough zombies.

Double Points
Doubles the amount of points earned while active.

Max Ammo
Refills all weapon ammo and grenades/monkey bombs.

Death Machine
A Gatling gun, just like in the multiplayer mode. It'll tear through zombies, but is only currently available on the map “Five”.

General Tips

-To maximize points in the earlier rounds, aim for the torso, and finish them off with the melee.
-When guarding a single window, let the zombies tear off a few blanks and keep rebuilding until you hit the cap for that round.
-Let a zombie survive at the end of each round, letting you grab ammo, repair windows and purchased upgrades. You can make this easier by timing a well-thrown grenade to blow off the zombies legs, creating a crawler. Otherwise the last zombie usually speeds up, meaning everyone has to keep running.
-Use Melee during instakill, or use single shots from your weapons to converve ammo.
-Don't forget about your Monkey Bombs and grenades; they can get you out of some very tight situations.
-Beware headless zombies. They can still swipe at you despite their state.
-Reload before using a Max Ammo.
-Time power-ups strategically. Don't use a Nuke at the beginning of the a round: wait until last minute so it kills the most zombies. If you're not in a rush for ammo, save the max ammo for when it starts flashing: that way you can rush through your magazines and then get full capacity again.
-Don't forget that zombies can swipe at you when camping their window.
-When run and gun'in, don't forget to use the traps to reduce the numbers chasing you.

Map Guides coming soon!