Making a Moving Camera in Endorphin

Making a Moving Camera in Endorphin
Difficulty: Easy
Description: A straightforward guide to making the camera move in Endorphin.
Author: Revertedlogic; Date Added: 2008-09-04; Views: 12558
In this tutorial I will show you how to get a moving camera in Endorphin.

Step 1

First put a mass object into the scene.

Step 2

Click on the Object and and Focus on it.

Step 3

Constrain it so that it can only move one way, Such as this.

Step 4

Add a behaviour event and change it to push event.

Step 5

Pull it whichever way you would like to go. It should now move and look like this.

Step 6

Zoom into the object and you will be inside of it. Make sure you still have the behaviour event clicked on or it will still be orange. You should end up with this.

Step 7

Now just turn off behaviour events so you don't see the red line and record.

I hope I helped anyone who had questions. If you would like me to add anything just tell me.